Have You Ever Heard Of A Better Proposal Than This One Right Here?

Rutuja and Kartik’s story is not the usual ‘boy meets girl and they fall in love’ sort, so how could their proposal story be a plain and simple ‘will you marry me’?.

Both Rutuja and Kartik went to the same school and despite that, they never talked to each other. Strangers in school and now partners for life, can you dig that? Well, the rest of the story will clear stuff out for you.

After successfully passing out of Class 12, Rutuja chose to pursue architecture while Kartik went away to study engineering. Scrolling through a number of Facebook suggestions, he saw her on the social media platform and immediately sent her a friend request. Impulse is usually universe’s way to lead you to love. This indeed happened in their case as well.

So they started talking on FB and later on calls. He tried flirting but couldn’t charm the smart lady, on the other line, with just any pick up line. But once he got a job, he knew there was no chance in the world that he could let her go.

Finally, one day, while talking on the phone he asked her, “Tu architect hai na? Mera ghar basayegi?” We’ll let you sink in that proposal line before you go on to read their wedding story. Isn’t it the best proposal ever? Well we think so and so did Rutuja when she finally said yes and the rest is not history. It’s a celebration!


Engagement ties the first official knot to the relationship, when the couple promises to take a step further in their journey of love. Rutuja and Kartik got engaged on 3rd March, 2018. The pre-wedding ritual was celebrated with family and friends.

Just look at the rings people! Pretty platinum bands to bind them together for life, studded with diamonds for the chunks of happiness on the way. And while Kartik just couldn’t hide his dimples anymore, Rutuja’s happy eyes told the same story. Oh how lovely they looked, smiling most naturally on their big day of commitment! Also, doesn’t that engagement cake look delicious! Only if we could eat it right out of the photograph. And finally, they got officially engaged and it had to be a fist bump declaration! Thereafter, they got all set for sangeet in the evening.


Sangeet is one celebration that is unforgettable, yet no one remembers it after waking up the next day. This is the fun day when the enjoyment level is a high as the volume of music.

Sangeet celebration at Rutuja and Kartik’s wedding was sure to be a hungama affair. Evening began with the bride dressing up for her sangeet and we loved her eyes! As the Sangeet began, the bride and the groom enjoyed the performances by their friends thoroughly. And when we talk about performances, how could our peppy bride not burn the dance floor. The groom was no way behind. Look at him groove with his guys! Coming back to the bride, who needs shoes to dance when it’s your own sangeet!


Haldi ceremony was held on the next day i.e. 4th March, 2018. We started off by clicking some pictures of Rutuja since she looked like a pretty pink rose. This was supposed to be her last shoot before she would wear the bridal dress and adorn it for life. And oh!, we caught both of them together on camera right before the ceremony. The ceremony then began with a small puja and an ecstatic Kartik, and then there were bound to be some happy yellow faces. And of course, no ceremony is complete without blessings from elders. Here are a few glimpses from the Haldi ceremony of Rutuja and Kartik.


After the Haldi ceremony, it was time for the big one, the wedding. Bridal wear is something every girl dreams of since her childhood. Rutuja’s beautiful lehenga stole the day, well the way she carried it actually did the job but we loved what she wore. The groom looked no less than a prince too. Their entry wasn’t any less royal to be honest. And yes, there had to be a jaimala battle at the wedding, right? From the mangalsutra to the sindoor, Kartik made her his and Rutuja made him hers, for life. The 7 circumambulations of the 7 vows did the final signatures of their commitment and thence, two souls became one. Words can hardly describe what a girl feels while leaving the house of her father to decorate her husband’s house with love, care and comfort. Something similar happened when Rutuja waved to her father at her vidai.

Team A9 wishes Rutuja and Kartik a very happy married life!

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