Foes To Forever, Here’s The Real Life KKHH Couple’s Wedding Journey

Meet the real life Anjali and Rahul from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai as we share their journey from being foes to eternal lovers.

Priya’s and Gaurav’s love story is the typical KJo script but a lot cuter. They went to the same college and God did they fight a lot! So much so that the whole college knew about their fights. It all started when Priya kicked Gaurav from under the chair while the lecture was going on. Gaurav kicked her back really hard and the fight continued for several days. This led to days of fighting, then talking, playing and eventually just hanging out together.

They turned into friends and then one day, Gaurav proposed to her saying, “Priya, I have feelings for you and I like you.” The reply cannot be anticipated, ‘cause she didn’t say ‘I like you back’. As shocking as it could be, her reply was, “I am not interested in you.”

Gaurav had given up all hopes on marrying her. The day after the proposal, they met again. They attended the college together and spent the whole day together but no one spoke about the proposal from the previous day. As they bade goodbye to each and went home, Priya finally texted him the three magical words, “I am in.” ‘Cause ‘I love you’ is too cliché for our super cool bride.

Priya is a marathi girl living in Hyderabad and Gaurav hails from Gwalior but resides in Kuwait. That’s 3 states, 2 countries and 2 families to be taken into confidence for the wedding to happen. And they did it!

2 years after the proposal, they finally got married on 11th February, 2018 at Grand Tamanna Hotel, Hinjewadi, Pune.

And here’s where we came into the picture to save all their wedding memories in MBs.


The engagement and sangeet ceremony for the couple was held at Hyatt Place Hinjewadi, Pune. The bride wore a gorgeous black dress with cute hair accessories while the groom was scene in a black tuxedo. No, they didn’t have any time to pose for the camera so we clicked them in the best candid capture possible. The night was spent dancing to the beats of some awesome music. Priya was in full josh and Gaurav was in the air, literally. Can anyone ever find more awesome groomsmen?


Dressed up as proper Marathi mulgi, Priya wore a yellow and green saree for her haldi ceremony. Gaurav showed up in a simple kurta pyjama. After both of them took the blessings of their elders, the ceremony began in all its yellowness. Look at the haldi effect on the bride and the groom. The pack had to make their faces glow for the wedding for sure. The haldi ceremony was held at Grand Tamanna Hotel, Hinjewadi with lots of dance, masti and a mandatory groupie!

Bridal Obsession

Wedding is the most awaiting day of life for every girl. This is the day when she puts in efforts to look the best with the attention from all corners focussed on her. We had to make it really special for Priya and so we decided to do a bridal shoot for her. But this was not just any bridal shoot, we tried to bring out her transformation from jeans to lehenga. Our coolest bride sipped a breezer while we adjusted our lenses. And guess what’s not a secret? She loved her lehenga! She could easily let go off Gaurav’s area on the bed to make room for her stunning red lehenga. A few dabs on the cheeks, a little bit of red lipstick, stunning gold matha patti and the dupatta resting beautifully on her head, our bride was almost ready. There was no need to lose a shoe anymore ‘cause our Cinderella was marrying her prince charming. Hence, the wedding began.


We couldn’t help but get Gaurav into the frame for the bridal shoot. And that’s just how Priya is, continuing to tease Gaurav years after college. Gaurav’s sherwani made him look really royal. Though belonging to central India, he chose to get married in marathi style. Our super filmy couple then showed off their ‘kala chashmas’. And then, it was time for the wedding. Lost in the moment after their jaimala, these two personify love in the bes way. The rituals concerning sindoor, mangalsutra and the 7 pheras were all so surreal to watch and capture. Their first step towards a new life could not have a better kickstart to it. Every bride gets emotional during vidai and Priya did too. But the thought of leaving her house faded when she held Gaurav’s hand to never let go.

We wish this beautiful and crazy couple all the happiness in the world for their fun filled future together.

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