Pre-wedding Fun With The To-Be-Weds

When two people are perfect for each other, it shows in their pictures as well. Capturing Poonam and Siddhant in our camera didn’t require giving much directions on our part. It was one of those times when we didn’t have to tell the couple to get close and look into each other’s eyes. These two didn’t have to do it intentionally. They were just so into each other.


And to the surprise of many, this right here is a couple to be soon tied in the knots of an arranged marriage. Their pictures, though, disapprove of it. Look at how in love they look! Like they have been together since ages.


Poonam and Siddhant chose Goa as the location for their pre-wedding shoot and there could not have been a better setting to showcase what they had in their hearts for each other. Amid the romantic backdrop of Goa, the shoot went on for 2 days i.e. 10th and 11th January at Taj Exotica. At the best time of the year in Goa, Poonam and Siddhant gave us some really awesome poses.

‘Beach Ke Beech’

Beaches bring out your soulful side in the best possible way. If you are in Goa with your beloved, a romantic walk on the beach is a must and Poonam and Sidhant didn’t miss out their chance on it. Having fun at the beach, they went calm and romantic when the waves were smooth and a bit flirty when the sea roared in happiness.

Saree Is The Ultimate Trend

An Indian woman, for that matter any woman, looks incredible in a saree and it is one outfit which goes with every backdrop. Poonam dressed up in a beautiful blue saree for her pre-wedding shoot at the Taj Exotica and stole the show! We loved the way she carried it in different backgrounds like a lobby, a staircase and even a beach!

Masti Moments

A calm and quiet Siddhant meets an extrovert Poonam and then there’s masti! We captured both Siddhant and poonam while they were in super fun mode. From carrying her in his arms along the beach to pulling her hair, Siddhant showed his fun side to us in the best way! A gentleman at heart , he was all out when it came to enjoying the day with his to be better half. And Poonam, the peppy one, could not fall behind!

In Love With Their Chemistry

The way two people compliment each other says a lot about their chemistry together. With Poonam and Siddhant, we didn’t have to put in extra ingredients for magic to happen. Their chemistry was enough to bring out the best in them. And it just didn’t seem like they have been introduced by their families. They looked as if in love with each other for years. We know this bond is going to last for centuries to come!

To Forever!

With wedding bells ringing for Poonam and Siddhant, the story of their love is never ending. Now that they will soon be tied in the knot of love and promise of being together, by each other’s side, for eternity, we cheer for them to a ‘Forever’. These two complete each other in the most beautiful way and we love them for it! And there is very less time until they ride off to an amazing life together after their wedding!


It was amazing shooting these two during the most incredible time of their lives when they are just about to enter the commitment of marriage. These two decided to start their journey of love with us. Are you in?

Team A9 wishes Poonam and Siddhant a very happy married life!

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