Long Time Lovers Get Engaged!

Love is never temporary. Our next story is about two people who fell in love with each other at a tender age and never felt the urge to find any other. This is the story of Arpita and Nachiketa.

Arpita and Nachiketa vowed to be there for each other, always, at their engagement ceremony  on 27th January at Laxmi Vilas Palace in Baroda. We captured their celebration of commitment in pictures and helped them save their golden memories forever.

Here’s a glimpse into their story of love.

Arpita and Nachiketa are two people who are just meant to be together and the proof is their ‘pyar ki kahani’ which began when they were teenagers at school. Both went to the same school. Seeing each other everyday at school, one thing led to another and it wasn’t long before they fell deeply in love with each other.

The idea of falling in love is quite strange. You can have love at first sight and sometimes it takes years before you know he/she is the one. But for Arpita and Nachiketa, things fell in place midway, that too at a young age. While love has no age, it certainly bloomed as both of them grew up.

She became an architect and he pursued engineering. This were quite smooth until the day they decided to get married and tell their parents before they took the leap. Just like any other Indian jodi in love, these two were also quite nervous about telling their parents that they loved each other and wanted to get married. As NOT expected, Arpita’s parents immediately agreed to it. All the fears and doubts vanished in a moment and their engagement day finally arrived.

Beautiful Venue

The venue of choice for the engagement ceremony was the Laxmi Vilas Palace in Baroda. The picturesque resort played the role of a perfect background for Arpita and Nachiketa to tie the first knot of commitment. Green grounds, high ceiling halls, grand chandeliers, a mini stage and a very nicely done outer architecture, not only favoured the environment of serenity that they were trying to create, but also helped us click pretty pictures with awesome backdrops.

The Engagement Ceremony

The engagement ceremony was a grand affair with friends and family gathered to witness the beginning of a whole new type of commitment between Arpita and Nachiketa. Arpita wore a beautiful pink lehenga while Nachiketa showed up in an ivory white sherwani. Both looked like prince and princess in the palace.

The ceremony was also not the usual one. While the guests were seated below, the couple went up to the indoor balcony and placed a ring of love in each other’s finger, thereby promising to be there for each other no matter what.

Arpita was shying away, not being able to control her big smile while Nachiketa was as happy to announce his union with his long time love.

Post Ceremony Fun

Adorned in a beautiful blue saree, Arpita showed us her fun side while Nachiketa teased her through the shoot. From their ‘follow me to’ moment to Nachiketa’s gifting jewellery to Arpita moment, this shoot was pretty amazing with all the fun that we had with this lovely couple. We loved capturing their moments of love in our cameras.


Engagement is just the beginning of a warm relationship based on pure and truthful commitment. Here’s wishing Arpita and Nachiketa a very happy life ahead with a wedding full of dhamaal and a peaceful married life. Congratulations to the two to-be-weds from Team A9rag Photography!


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Team A9 wishes Arpita and Nachiketa a very happy married life!

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